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and welcome to our lovely but sometimes crazy world.

Baby Holiday was started in May 2014, just before Santino was born. The name stems from a colleague’s joke when describing my maternity leave (which I discovered was far from a holiday), and just kind of stuck But whether it’s Tenby or Tallinn, we’re a family that loves travel and holidaying together, so the name still fits even though the “baby holiday” is over.


I’m a full-time news editor, wife and mother to Santi (and his sibling, who is due in June). As a passionate writer, I couldn’t face the idea of not writing while on maternity leave, so started Baby Holiday. I was naïve enough to think I needed a hobby to keep busy while on maternity leave, but soon grew to love blogging and the record of Santi’s childhood that was being created.

I share all aspects of motherhood – from happy days out to the times I’m left counting the hours until bedtime – and love when readers can relate to what we’re going through.

I’m constantly plagued by wanderlust, and have an ever-growing list of destinations I’d love our little family to explore.


My husband of three years (and boyfriend of 12 before that!). We met at college and have been together since. In 2011 Stew (finally) popped the question during a weekend break in Lithuania, and we got married just over a year later with a travel-themed wedding. A radiographer, runner and number one walker of our beagle Jeremy (yes, she’s a girl and her name is Jeremy). Super organised (unlike me) and likes to plan to the minute detail.


Our two-year-old whirlwind. Santi is a ball of energy and loves nothing more than running around causing chaos. He’s a little chatterbox and can be heard singing to himself long after he should have gone to sleep. A trainspotter, George Ezra fan and soon-to-be big brother!

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