Little wins: Sleeping through and birthday macarons

I don’t know about you, but at a certain time on Sunday evenings I start thinking about all the things I should have done during the week but for one reason or another haven’t managed to get around to. Between working full time, having two children and attempting to keep up and blog and social media accounts, my to do list just seems to get longer instead of tasks being ticked off.

Coming back from holiday put me in a proper wanting to get my life together kind of mood, and I even ended up watching speed cleaning and wardrobe organising videos on YouTube in an attempt to work out how to get more done in my little spare time. My list of things to do ranges from things like finding someone to lay a new floor in our hall and planning the boys’ birthdays, to the small things like buying a new cleanser and filling my windscreen wiper liquid, and it’s not hard to let things get on top of me.

Half way through the week I had a realisation that I’ve been a bit tough on myself. I need to take time to focus a bit more on what I do get done, rather than feeling bad about all the things that stay on my ever-growing list of things to do. So I’ve decided that once in a while I’m going to blog about the little wins in life – I would say I’ll do this weekly, but when life gets in the way it’s my blog that takes the hit, so we’ll see how it goes.

This list won’t be ground-breaking, but the things I’ve managed to find time for in my crazy busy life, the things that have made me happy, and the things I’ve been inspired by. Feel free to join in either in the comments below or over on my Facebook page.

So here we go … my first week of little wins:

*Actually managing to get this post written – I’ve made several attempts at sitting down to do it, but keep getting pulled away to other things, so yay for finally finishing it!

*Unpacking, washing and putting away our holiday clothes before going back to work on Tuesday. I’ve been known to leave suitcases full for weeks after getting home, but I was determined to sort it out this time.

*Prepping a load of veg last Monday evening, which took us through three evenings meals and one lunchtime … think of the time saved on chopping through the week! This meant we’ve eaten more healthily, and will hopefully become a regular Sunday night routine, along with sorting my clothes out for the week ahead.

*Ezra sleeping through for the first time in ages. It turned out to be a one-off, and he’s had a pretty terrible week for sleeping otherwise, but it was one night when he didn’t end up in our bed.

*Getting a  lovely comment about my blog, which was much needed after wondering if I should carry on with it. And on the same theme, managing to get all my blog content back after it was lost for a few days … that wasn’t fun!

*Securing more national coverage for an issue in work, and getting really good feedback about the case so far.

*Discovering the amazing Monty Bojangles chocolates thanks to my colleagues … seriously the best truffles I’ve ever tried!

*Fitting in two cups of tea before work and the nursery run on Friday!

*My parents turning up with a box of birthday macarons. Technically not something I achieved myself, but finding two minutes to take some snaps of the last couple made me happy.

*Coffee and cake at a cafe near the beach – always a win!

Have you had any little wins this week?


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